In America, 290 people die from properly prescribed medications every day. Just imagine how many people are dying around the world! Who are prescribing these drugs?

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer has LESS than a 3% success rate, and this success rate is based on patients surviving only 5 years after treatment! Would you consider living only 5 years longer, after the torture these treatments inflict, successful?
In most countries, prescription medications are responsible for the deaths of more people than all terrorists, murderers and drunk drivers combined!
There is not enough money in the entire world, to pay for all the pain, suffering and death that has already been caused by prescription medications, and if the drug companies are held responsible for even a small amount of the patients that their products have harmed or killed, they will quickly fall from the most wealthy corporations in the world, to the most bankrupt, both financially and morally.
Having one annual mammogram (breast scan) exposes the breasts to radiation levels equal to 1,000 chest X-rays!

  Amalgam tooth fillings contain 50% mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin that damages the brain, nervous system and kidneys. 1 filling can produce up to 15cmg's of toxic vapour each day. Regardless of how toxic and dangerous they are, 9 out of 10 dentists will tell you not to worry about having them in your mouth, and some will even recommend using them over and above non-toxic ceramics!  
All "doctors" in all medical fields, need to be smarter than most people, and MD's should be the smartest of all. Yet, these highly intelligent people accept what they are taught in Medical school, without questioning the resources of their knowledge. Even worse, they fail to ask questions about the many things that are not even in the medical books.
No medical school today teaches the fundamentals of what humans are made of, only which drugs to be used with certain symptoms. They are taught how organs work, what can go wrong, and which drugs may or may not work. What they don't learn, is basic nutrition and how the lack thereof is responsible for illness and disease.

  Virtually no medical schools teach more than 1 hour about the benefits of vitamins and minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, which in turn, are the basic building blocks of the body. Yet, they are taught thousands of hours of drug prescription.  
The American Cancer Society has close financial ties to both makers of mammography equipment and cancer drugs. Other conflicts of interest include ties to, and financial support from, the pesticide, petrochemical, biotech, cosmetics, and junk food industries, the very industries whose products are the primary contributors to cancer.
Drug companies pay seven figure amounts into the mouths of the FDA to gain approval of their drugs. FDA staff knows that the cash means higher salaries and more perks in the agency budget.
Conflicts of interest are also rampant in a mass vaccination infrastructure that has the same people, who are regulating and promoting vaccines, also evaluating vaccine safety.
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