I used to dread the summer. Always having to make excuses as to why I couldn't go to the pool or head out to the beach. Instead I would sit at home while my friends were out enjoying the sun. I was too embarrassed by my body. Now I can't wait to take my shirt off. I know I look good. And all I did was follow the Mega Health program.

The results were almost instant. The kilos just rolled off, making me even more dedicated to the program. Not that it's a difficult one to follow.

At first, I wanted to lose weight. Then I realized how much healthier I was getting. Not just because of fat loss, but because an allergy I'd struggled with for years had suddenly cleared up. I no longer have to make sure I have a box of anti-histamines near by.

At the end of the day I'll be sticking to the MegaHealth program for years to come. It's just something I do.

Ben McCone


I went on Kingsley's Mega Health system and had astonishing and extremely fast results. I had almost immediate increased energy levels, I dropped weight dramatically and because of the diet he put me on, I have found it impossible to put weight on! My skin has become clear and supple and I no longer have asthma!

At first I was sceptical when he told me what was involved and didn't believe it could work. I have been on this system now for 6 months and I look and feel more healthy as every day passes. It is truly amazing!
A huge thank you for solving my lifelong issues - simply and naturally!

Amanda (Singapore)

Hello, my name is Michelle. I would like to tell everyone my journey by doing the Mega Health plan.

I would like to start by saying I had never felt so low. I have always suffered with Acne since I was in my teens, I am now nearly 35 years of age. I had always been relatively active. In the last 7 years my weight had dramatically increased to size 14 to 16 always being previously a size 8 to 10. Moods were generally low and lacked self esteem by my appearance and well being. My sister kindly put me in touch with the director of Mega Health.

After my consultation, I was amazed by what I have been putting into my body all my life.

I started the plan immediately, within 3 to 5 days my skin was starting to improve! My back was covered with acne and over the first week, as each day passed, they were fading. My hair has improved so much, and the biggest shock of all is my weight. Within 2 weeks I had lost nearly a stone. I have been taking the recommended Vitamins and my mood has lifted so much and I have so much more energy. I have now been on the plan for 2 months and have had extremely positive results! I have now started to increase my exercise as the final part of the plan and its just all worked so well for me. I really could not be happier with my new figure and my outlook on life! Thanks again to all at Mega health!

Keep up the good work!!!

Michelle from England

I am a former professional athlete who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I thought I knew a little about healthy eating, nutrition and exercise. However, Mega Health has given me a much more detailed insight into weight management and general health. I am amazed at what the medical profession doesn't tell you about how to stay healthy.

Mega Health is unquestionably the most comprehensive, natural solution to improving your health and understanding the best way to keep in shape. Everyone should invest in a consultation, whatever your age, weight or fitness level.

No diet can do what Mega Health does.

Rohun Beven, CEO
Leisure Inc Bahrain.

Hello to who ever is reading this, you are going to be shocked...

My name is Zaid Jabri, I'm Jordanian and have been living in Bahrain for the past 4 years. I hope that from reading this, I would be able to give you just the right amount of influence for you to contact Kingsley and let him help you as much as he did for me.

I was extremely fit before travelling to Bahrain and was about to enter the national boxing tournament, daily training after work for 3 to 4 hours. I was that fit and that strong, but taking up this job here literally consumed my time and energy. From 70 KG of muscle up to 84 KG "pure fat"!

It was a big change as there are no more proper home cooked meals, no more time to exercise, no more nothing . I tried gyms, going on protein diets, diet programs that deliver food to your door step, 6 small meals a day programs, fat burners and even starved myself! You name it, I've done it all and still nothing worked. The routine that my body was used to back home was shattered and I ended up losing most of my muscle, ok maybe all... and gained all this weight as well.

I was sleepy, tired, bored, didn't feel like going out and eventually got depressed for a long long time and didn't even know it, till the doctor told me so and I didn't even want to acknowledge what he was telling me. It was absurd! Guys don't get depressed! but anyhow.

A month ago I saw Kingsley's leaflet, put off calling him for a week then said what the heck !

Now 2.5 weeks into the program or life changing phenomena I lost 4 KG and not only numbers on a scale! I look different, I feel great and I cant stop loving what i'm doing. Its so simple and the food I can eat day after day without worry is unbelievably great and again... ''shocking'' I wouldn't even dare having that food before. My target now is 72 KG or even less, to get back to my old self, back to my old pants and shirts that have been hanging in the wardrobe for a year or two now. With the new energy I'm getting I will be joining the gym soon for sure.

I will send another review in a month and I'll show you how much I lost. But till then, I really hope this gave you that push to do your self a favor and be great again.

With all sincerity, thanks Kingsley, you just probably saved my life.

Good luck to all & Kind regards,

Zaid Jabri (Bahrain)

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